Artificial Turf

U.S Brick Pavers Artificial Turf

Quick installation
The synthetic grass is laid on the chosen surface in a practical way and does not require much preparation. It can be done on any type of floor, even in irregular areas.

Low maintenance cost
Another important advantage of synthetic grass is its low cost and laborious maintenance, especially when compared to natural grass, which requires care with pruning, fertilizing, irrigation, use of insecticides, herbicides, among others. Synthetic grass requires only occasional cleaning, which can only be done with water.

Great durability
The synthetic lawn is stable and maintains its color and texture at any time of the year, regardless of temperature, rain, frost etc. Natural grass suffers from climate change and seasonal changes.

Contrary to popular belief, synthetic grass for landscaping is extremely safe and hygienic. This because it has assets that prevent the proliferation of microorganisms and fungi, they are anti-flame, in addition to absorbing impacts. Thus, it can be used without restrictions in any external environment, including playgrounds or other children’s play areas.

Synthetic grasses for landscaping are versatile!
Because they allow application on any surface and do not depend on climatic conditions to remain beautiful and intact, the synthetic material can be used in a multitude of applications, including more innovative projects.


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